Friday, May 6, 2011

Water Chestnuts Update

About a month ago, I posted a picture in this post of my newly sprouted water chestnuts.  Well, they're growing like weeds!  Most of them are a foot tall or more already.  I'm impressed with how well they're doing.  From what I understand, they'll shoot out "daughter" plants once they get big enough and those will fatten up before frost.  I'll need to feed them a lot of manure before then so they'll have enough ooomph to get there.

Just before frost is when I'll dig them.  I'll separate the biggies from the smallies, saving the biggies in the fridge for replant and eating the smallies.  I think I might leave a few in the pond all winter to see how they do.

They're kind of plain looking as far as water plants go, though if you look closely you can see the interesting stripes at the base of each reed.  I may grow some in the koi pond in the plant bucket anyway.  They might look good in front of the umbrella papyrus, thalia and Louisiana iris ~ a different texture.
Better get the wok ready!

Interesting stripes on the bottom of the reeds.

UPDATE: Well, between the drought and the cows tearing them up, I lost them.  I need to look at Newflower again for more, and maybe the Asian grocery stores up north, to try this again.  I recently found another source online, too, so even if I can't find them locally, I'll be able to try them again this year.  

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  1. bendavid58@yahoo.comAugust 17, 2012 at 10:15 AM

    here in florida I built a peat and manure bog in a 5' childs pool. some beautiful green marble scraps, free, from the local counter top installer makes it more than just good food.


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