Thursday, May 12, 2011

A Giant Butterbean in the Garden

One would think a Butterbean in the garden would be a welcome thing.  Not when she weighs 800 pounds.

See the evil in her eyes?  They even glow green when I take a picture of her.  


Luckily, she didn't have a taste for beans.  Other than the ones she tromped, they were all left undamaged.  The tomatoes and potatoes fared fairly well also.  Just a few tomato cages knocked off-kilter as she sauntered past to get to the above squash.  I set them upright and it appears all is well.  

This happened Saturday, and the pictures were taken today, so you can see the eaten plants are already starting to grow back.  I was worried about the corn, but I think it'll be okay, too.  Might look funny, but I think it'll come back.  The above squash came back in a few days after having been eaten last time she got in.  I've really got to learn to close the garden gate. *sigh*

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