Sunday, February 5, 2012

Now THAT's a Lot of Groceries!

While out planting peas and strawberries last Saturday, I started counting up how much stuff we have planted.  The list is quite surprising.

900 onions
47 asparagus crowns
55 strawberries
200 garlic cloves
22 kale plants
10 collard greens
17 (or so) bok choy
12 Swiss chard
60 (or so) broccoli
a couple broccoli raab
half a dozen cauliflower, including a couple Veronica Romanesco
6 artichokes
50 shallots
a handful of beets
4 Brussels sprouts
And 40 feet of snow and shelling peas, planted yesterday (Mammoth Melting and Oregon Sugar Pod snow peas, and Wando and Progress #9 shelling peas).

There are also various herbs, chinese greens, and other things not listed.  But that's the bulk of it.

I've also got a couple pear trees and three grape vines waiting to be planted, along with quite a few brambles.  When we got in the bare root order this year, there were a few freebies: a tiny little Austin dewberry, an equally tiny little Kiowa blackberry, and a BUNCH of Heritage raspberry and Brazos blackberry roots.  I noticed the raspberry roots were sprouting, so thought I'd bring them home to let grow out.  Two weeks later and one's already up.  There were quite a few of the blackberry roots as well after we had to trim some that wouldn't fit in the tubs ~ don't know if they'll sprout or not, but I'm thinking so.
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