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In-home consultations and instruction
I can answer any gardening questions you may have, offer instruction on a wide range of gardening subjects, and offer solutions to most gardening problems. I can help you with lawn problems, teach you how to water effectively, help pick out the perfect site for your new vegetable garden, or lay out grazing pastures for your cows. I can offer suggestions on plants that may grow well in certain areas of your landscape, but I don't do design. I can, however, suggest wonderful people who do.

Landscape Plant Identification
Just move into a new home and don't know what you have? I can identify all the plants in your new yard, and teach you how to care for them as well. To get the best results, be sure to see "Preparing for a consultation" below.

Garden Plan "Diagnosis"
I excel at troubleshooting existing plans, helping you avoid problems you may not see, and coming up with possible alternatives and other fixes. This is a big money saver for DIYers: you can do all the thinking and planning and designing yourself to get exactly what you want, but have an experienced eye take a look to make sure you're not missing something that may prove expensive to fix later, or to help you get unstuck if you come to a dead end trying to figure out how to do something you really want to do.

Want a unique activity for your next family reunion, garden club meeting, or girls' night? Consider a class on canning, beekeeping, water gardening, plant propagation, chicken keeping, vegetable gardening, or almost anything else you can think of regarding gardening or homesteading. (Yes, even respectfully humane slaughter and butchery.) I can give lectures on various subjects, with or without photos, so if you don't have any kind of audio/visual equipment, it's not a problem.

I make a great gift, too!
Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, and birthdays: give the gift of garden advice to that special gardener in your life. We can handle all the arrangements over the phone or via email. Simply see the info below under Booking a Consultation and paying with a credit or debit card.



How long does it take?
That depends on what kind of advice or help you want.  Most consults last an hour, though many have lasted longer.  One hour is usually enough to cover most garden problems/plans.  Classes are usually an hour, but can run longer if your group has lots of questions.

The longest single consultation I've done was four hours - the new owner of fifteen acres wanted help laying out an orchard, vegetable garden, horse stalls, riding arena, hay fields, etc., and wanted to learn about rotational grazing.  The shortest was fifteen minutes.  I do charge for the entire first hour, but that customer was happy with the quick answers to his problems and, despite my insistence on finding anything else I could help him with, handed me a check and waved me away, saying, "See you tomorrow at The Natural Gardener when I come get that compost!"

What subjects do you have experience with?
My gardening experiences are quite varied.  I have extensive experience with vegetable gardening and raising livestock (cattle, horses, chickens, pigs, goats...).  I've also grown many natives and other ornamentals.  I've even had goldfish ponds, many in galvanized livestock tanks.  I don't currently have a lawn, but have years of experience diagnosing lawn problems and teaching lawn care.  I'm proficient with fruit trees and can help you with your orchard whether you're a seasoned hand or a new grower.  And if you want to learn beekeeping, I can teach you that, too.

I worked at The Natural Gardener for over a decade, most of that at the Info Desk and teaching classes in my role as the Free Class Host and presenter (one year even teaching 41% of all the classes that year).  I love teaching, not the least of which because I've learned as much from my students as I've taught them.

What qualifies you to do this?
I grew up on a 600 acre cattle ranch and hay farm, in a family who grew all our own food.  In addition to an almost one-acre vegetable garden and large family orchard, we raised and butchered our own beef, chicken, and pork, as well as harvested venison and catfish.  I even helped my father keep bees.

I've continued that "family tradition" throughout my life, all 50 years of it.  I've branched out in my gardening efforts to try just about all kinds of gardening (even planted aquariums), but my favorite is still edibles.  And bees.  I love my bees.


Booking a Consultation

If you would like a consultation, text me at 830-220-0320
or email:
Be sure to include your address and a brief description of what you need.

My fee is $100 an hour, one hour minimum. 
Time past that is calculated in quarter-hour increments. 
I give a $5 discount for cash. I also take checks, as well as 
credit/debit through Paypal (You don't need an account. 
Just send it to .).

I serve Bee Cave to Horseshoe Bay, inlcuding all parts of Spicewood.  
If you're outside those areas, text me anyway and I can either suggest someone else or possibly work out an extra charge for drive time.

Preparing for a consultation:

If all we have to do is talk, you get more information!  So here are a few things you can do ahead of time to make sure you get the most for your money:
  1. Scan your plat/survey map and blow it up to a large enough size that you can draw on it easily, adding in any existing features such as trees and your house.  Write in the square feet of each area for quick calculations later.
  2. Write your questions on the back in priority order, leaving room for note-taking.  Be sure to write more questions than you think we'll cover - we may not cover them all, but if the first few take less time than you thought, we can keep going and you can really get your money's worth.  
  3. Have a recorder handy.  I talk fast, so please record the session!  You can listen to it later and glean every last whiff of benefit from my visit. 
  4. Have any tools we may need handy - shovel, pruners, etc. - so we don't have to waste time hunting for them.

I hope to see you soon!

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