Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Garden Addition

We got the garden addition shoveled up today.  George did the majority of the earth moving.  I did help, but mostly mulched the paths with pine straw and jumped up and down with excitement.

Corn!  I can grow corn now!  And sweet potatoes!  And okra!  And cotton!  And more beans!!  And maybe even some luffas!

Aaaaannnd done!  Eight new 3'x10' (or so) beds, a big corn bed (I'm standing in it to take the above pic) and 70' of 1' row along the fences.  *Happy veggie dance!!*

We also got some tomato supports up.  I really need to just make new tomato cages, taller ones, about 7 or 8 feet tall, and quit dicking around with these pepper cages.  Every year I think I can stack two of them to make a tall enough tomato cage, and every year they grow faster than I can stack.  Oh, well ~ tall t-posts and wire make a good enough support to tie the plants to.  It only has to last another couple months anyway.  Then I'll chop them down to a foot or two tall and let them regrow for fall.

  And the obligatory tomato shots.  This Roma plant has at least 40 tomatoes on it! 

And got the first Juliets today, too.  Here are Sungolds, the orange ones; Juliets, the oblong red ones; and Matt's Wild Cherrys, the teeny little red ones (you can only really see one at the top, but there were a few in there).


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