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“Being clever is knowing that the tomato is a fruit. 
Being wise is knowing not to put them in fruit salad.”

Class Handouts
Class Extras
Small Batch Canning - Pictorial Method - this is what I will demonstrate in class


Vegetable Gardening:
Organic Vegetable Gardening 101 ~ Class Outline
Building a Raised Bed From Existing Soil: Illustrated
How To Make Row Cover Frames for an Existing Raised Bed
How to Get Your Tomatoes Through a Deep Freeze - Using prayer candles for extra heat
Season Extenders - Row covers, shade cloth, and more
Water Conservation in the Vegetable Garden - Tim Miller's talk at The Natural Gardener
Squash Vine Borers & How to Deal With Them ~ A Profanity Laden Rant
To Till or Not To Till - No-till how-to
Worming the Garden - How to use Bt.

Seed Starting Illustrated
Seed Saving 101
My Seed Starting Cabinet - Starting seeds in a bookshelf
I'm a TV Star! - I taught Basics of Seed Starting and Seed Saving on a friend's Garden Journeys cable news show.
When to pick bluebonnet seeds 

Container Gardening: 
Gardening on the Porch
Just what IS Potting Soil Anyway? - Potting Soil Ingredients Explained
Potting Soil Trial

Other Cool Gardening Subjects:
How to Build a Cattle Panel Greenhouse 
Easy Goldfish Pond
Growing Mushrooms in Coffee Grounds

Country Life

BackYard Chickens 101
Small Batch Canning Step by Step - using equipment you likely already have.
Canning 101 ~ Class notes
And some people wonder why we eat them - A cow with a tarp on her head.  A COW.  With a TARP. ON. HER. HEAD.  

I'm Too Sexy for My Beesuit: Catching My First Swarm
How to Make an Emergency Robbing Screen

Learn to Knit
Free Patterns: Mini Christmas Stockings, Mittens, & Santa Hats
KoolAid Dyeing
My New Pretty (small, simple row counter)



  1. Where do you get bio-dynamically grown hay?

    1. Hi, Kelly - I get it at work, at The Natural Gardener. Right now, it's about twenty bucks a bale, but it's a full-size bale, so covers a good bit. Great stuff! And no weeds!

    2. 2016 Update: We quit carrying the biodynamically grown hay, dangit. But we still have pine straw (pine tree needles) and it works quite well, too.

  2. Do you present seed to seed class at venues other than the Natural Gardener?

    I have old seed for tawakchi corn also known as Hopi Sweet White corn. I got 30 years ago from Native Seed. It is no longer available from them. Do to illness, I stopped planting but I kept some cobs in a glass jar. I intend to try from the old seed, and will use the techniques you outlined in your class. Borrowed SEED TO SEED from library. If I succeed, would you be interested in some seeds. This is a small plant, 5’, and can be grown in pots. Katy.laura@gmail.com also have similar size Hopi Blue, but only 2 cobs.


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