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“Being clever is knowing that the tomato is a fruit. 
Being wise is knowing not to put them in fruit salad.”

Class Handouts


Vegetable Gardening:
Organic Vegetable Gardening 101 ~ Class Outline
Building a Raised Bed From Existing Soil: Illustrated
How To Make Row Cover Frames for an Existing Raised Bed
How to Get Your Tomatoes Through a Deep Freeze - Using prayer candles for extra heat
Season Extenders - Row covers, shade cloth, and more
Water Conservation in the Vegetable Garden - Tim Miller's talk at The Natural Gardener
Squash Vine Borers & How to Deal With Them ~ A Profanity Laden Rant
To Till or Not To Till - No-till how-to
Worming the Garden - How to use Bt.

Seed Starting Illustrated
Seed Saving 101
My Seed Starting Cabinet - Starting seeds in a bookshelf
I'm a TV Star! - I taught Basics of Seed Starting and Seed Saving on a friend's Garden Journeys cable news show.

Container Gardening: 
Gardening on the Porch
Just what IS Potting Soil Anyway? - Potting Soil Ingredients Explained
Potting Soil Trial

Other Cool Gardening Subjects:
How to Build a Cattle Panel Greenhouse 
Easy Goldfish Pond
Growing Mushrooms in Coffee Grounds

Country Life

BackYard Chickens 101
Small Batch Canning Step by Step - using equipment you likely already have.
Canning 101 ~ Class notes
And some people wonder why we eat them - A cow with a tarp on her head.  A COW.  With a TARP. ON HER HEAD.

I'm Too Sexy for My Beesuit: Catching My First Swarm

Learn to Knit
Free Patterns: Mini Christmas Stockings, Mittens, & Santa Hats
KoolAid Dyeing
My New Pretty (small, simple row counter)



  1. Where do you get bio-dynamically grown hay?

    1. Hi, Kelly - I get it at work, at The Natural Gardener. Right now, it's about twenty bucks a bale, but it's a full-size bale, so covers a good bit. Great stuff! And no weeds!

    2. 2016 Update: We quit carrying the biodynamically grown hay, dangit. But we still have pine straw (pine tree needles) and it works quite well, too.


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