Thursday, May 19, 2011

For Stefanie

 Stefanie, the Assistant Head Groundskeeper at work, was kind enough to share some of the seedlings she started this year, so this update is for her. 

The Riesentraube she shared with me is producing like crazy already.  The name translates to "giant bunches of grapes".  I guess so!  There's another bunch of them starting to set as well.  And the plant isn't even two feet tall.  Amazing.

Then there's the Silvery Fir Tree plant.  It's collapsing under the weight of the fruit. 

The Green Zebra's holding up well.  Three tomatoes, but the plant waited 'til it was big to put them on. 

Riesentraube again
Green Zebra

Silvery Fir Tree
Silvery Fir Tree on left, Green Zebra on right.

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