Thursday, April 7, 2011

Garden Update: See How It Grows

Garden, just weeded.  Notice the beans in the background.  This is the Year of the Bean.  I'm planting many, many heirloom types to try to find the perfect one for planting every year.  I did this with squash a couple years ago and found a couple winners ~ spaghetti, Long Island Cheese and Early Butternut.  Too bad Early Butternut's owned by Seminis seeds, thus Monsanto.  Won't be growing that one anymore.  This year I'll try Waltham butternut.  Hopefully it'll be as good or even better.

Tomatoes, herb pots, then favas, bush beans and patty pan squash on left row.

Tomatoes I planted March 2 along with peppers on the left.  The onions have started falling over.  I noticed it right after we uncovered them after a freeze.  I wonder if the extra warmth of the Xmas lights and row cover contributed to it.
Cute little herb pots.  Oregano in top, spearmint on left and peppermint on right.

Water chestnuts!  Little sprouts noticeable in the first (bottom) pot.  I about had a cow when I first found these in the grocery store.  Kept them in the fridge until I thought temps were warm enough.  Can't wait to see how they do.

Succulent wagon, planted with all sorts of little starts that fell off pots, or were "helped" out of them. ;)
Horse trough I moved in today.  I want to plant a blue lily in it, Nymphaea caerulea, the sacred blue lotus of Egypt.  But for now I need fish!

Sitting area.  I need a better fire pit setup.
Jerusalem artichokes in the corner there.

Peppers ~ mostly anchos and anaheims on this side.

More peppers ~ bells, jalapenos, serranos, and cayennes over here.

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