Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Garden Update: Early Squash and Beans, More Tomatoes and Peppers

Just planted some more tomatoes on the tenth and added some patty pan squash, Royal Burgundy bush beans and Windsor favas as a lark.  George and I were going to test the efficacy of corn gluten as a pre-emergent, but never got around to putting it down. 

Have had to cover the tomatoes a time or two and the Christmas lights underneath work like a charm.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Early planting

George helped me till the far end of the garden and put it up into rows.  It looks GREAT!  I took out those two square foot garden beds at the front.  They were in the way and I never did like them being there.  I used the frames to make two new ones on the other side of the garden shed. 

We put up snow fence all the way around.  I really like that part.  It makes the garden feel like there's an end to it, like it's finished.  There aren't many things I can say that about around here.  It's all so overwhelming sometimes, so to have an end to the garden, actual boundaries where I'll be done soon, is nice.

I've cleaned up the shed out there as well, and George helped me move an old fridge in there for storage.  It's working really nice already.  And the electricity is working out there!  Handy!  I'd thought I was going to have to install it.  Nope.  Glad for that.  But only one plug in works.  I need to fix the light fixture and add more plugs.  I did use the electricity to run a saw to build a cold frame.  I've always wanted one.  

Set out some tomatoes March 2.  Two each of Mortgage Lifter, Cherokee Purple, Brandwine and Matt's Wild Cherry.  I know it's early, but I want to see just how early I can get them in the ground.  If frost threatens, I'll cover them with floating row cover.  George has a great idea to put the Christmas lights in under the cover, too.  I put them in the onion bed to try to do double-duty, hoping the onions will be done and pulled by the time the tomatoes get tall enough to shade them out.

The only things left in the garden doing okay besides the onions are the Oregon Sugar Pod snow peas.  And Wandos, which aren't doing so well actually.  There's a rabbit around who keeps eating all the bok choy, broccoli, cabbage, etc., I keep putting out.  Little bastard. 
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