Tuesday, April 2, 2013


What a ride I've had this past hour!  I was outside building new flowerbeds ...

... and noticed it getting dark ... 

... so I covered the compost in the truck and grabbed the camera.

It started coming down so heavy that it ran me inside.  

Later, I came out to see this...

Yeah, all that in an hour!!  Most of it in thirty minutes!

Too bad it came with this...

... and this ...

Though that's not really bad.  I'd been needing to take that tree down and had been saving for it, so this storm saved me a bunch of money!  I think I'll spend some on a chainsaw.  I really wanted a new one.  

Tomatoes are fine.

Gazpacho anyone?  
Yeah, that's hail down there next to them.  And magnolia leaves from the tree well to the north of them.

The chard and asparagus got a little mushed.

And Camp Creek is up.  Bet Little Cypress is, too.  I'll have pictures of that one as soon as my camera finishes charging.

It's now 8:30 and the rain gauge is reading a good three inches.  Yeah.

Another Update at 11pm:
Another wave's coming.  Yeah!

Last Update ~ Thursday:
The power went out shortly after I posted the above.  The last wave hit and gave us more rain.  Wednesday we got still more rain off and on all day, coming nice and slow.  Grand total from all the storms was three and a half inches.  I am SO GRATEFUL!


  1. Hi Linda,
    Don and I met you at the Natural Gardener last week where you directed us to your website to learn how to build PVC covers - Thanks!
    I held off on planting the plants we purchased then and I think I will try to plant this Sunday if the grounds drys up some.
    OMG Rain, rain and more rain. We certainly need it.
    I enjoy your website here. (-:

  2. Hi, Karen! Hopefully we won't need row covers any more this year, but they sure are handy for storms like this one. I truly believe the main reason my plants made it through was because I still had the row covers on them, lifted but still clamped along the top of the frames as in the first picture on this post: http://www.theredneckhippie.com/2013/03/tomatoes-are-finally-all-in-ground.html

    Thanks for the compliments, Karen, and good luck with your planting!


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