Thursday, April 18, 2013

More New Beds!

Got some more new beds made!  All the ones on the main side are done, even along the fence.  

The only thing left to do is decide about the four beds over where the artichokes are ~ whether to make them permanent beds or flatten that area and mulch it to use it as more storage for growing things in pots (to give away and for sale).

Here's a better view of the bed at the far end, along the fence:

And the new sitting area (the chair cushions are in the shed to keep them dry against the coming rain):

Sitting areas are important in a garden.  If you have a comfortable place to sit out there, you'll be more likely to do just that ~ have coffee in the morning, a beer in the evening.  If you're out in your garden at all times of the day, you'll notice things more readily.  Pests, diseases, weeds ~ they'll all be noticed a lot quicker, so you'll be more likely to stop them before they get too bad.  

It's just nice to have a place to take a break in the middle of the work, too.  I find that if I can take a break right there in the garden, I'm more apt to keep going after that break.  And it's really rewarding to sit there and look at what you've accomplished.

While you're at it, put lights up out there.  Dig out the Christmas lights and hang them all over the place!  If you put up lights, you'll be out there after dark, too, just sitting and looking at things.  Many pests are nocturnal, so that's a good thing to be out there when they are.  Also, the garden is an entirely different place at night, so beautiful, almost magical.  Maybe that's because after dark it's harder to see the weeds that need pulling. ;)

I found some pictures of the garden from years ago.  It's hard to believe the garden is five years old.  
Here it is then...

The fence on the right is still in about the same place, and the garden shed just peeking into the picture on the far left is still there now.  

Here it is just a couple years ago:

And now:

It's amazing.  Hard to believe how much has changed, in just one year even.

Last year ...

... and this year ...

I like it.

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