Saturday, April 11, 2009

Got the East Garden planted

Got the garden all set up last week and planted yesterday.  I had so much fun doing it!  I brought all my seeds and the drawing pad out there and sat at the table, looking and thinking how the plants would look once they were grown in, taking as much time as I wanted to decide.  I ended up spending over three hours on it ~ from 2:30'til almost six ~ before I was done planting for the day.  Kelly stopped by about then on her way home from work, and we had a glass of wine sitting out there looking at what I'd got done, and talking about the Library Pea Patch and other plans.  What a nice end to a wonderful day.
I used cornmeal to mark where I'd just planted and that allowed me to go plant one thing, maybe two, then sit and think a while again. Then plant another thing, sit down and think. It was a much better way of doing it than the old way ~ just get it in the ground wherever without much thought.  And more enjoyable, too.

I tried to do closer spacing on everything, ala square foot gardening.  I also interplanted some things, like winter squashes under okra and tomatoes, to see if they'll act as a living mulch.  I hope I gave everything enough room.  I'm bad at not doing that and ending up with crowded walkways.  

I do have the fence and the chicken tractor as vertical garden space, so maybe there will be enough room.  I put the spaghetti squash against the tractor thinking it'll give the chooks some shade.  I can't wait to see how that turns out.

I left the third row from the left unplanted, along with the right front row, to use those in the video shoot on how to plant seeds.  I've talked to so many customers at work who don't know how to.  Some are hesitant (or are downright afraid), some have done it without success (planted too deep, let them dry out while germinating, etc.).  And some have just never thought about doing it, thinking they'd just buy starts of squash, watermelon and cukes, not knowing those things don't much like being transplanted or that it's just so easy to plant them from seed.  So we figured that'd be a good subject for an entire episode. 

Soil temp was 75F Friday.  And here's the list:
Beans ~ 
Purple Queen Bush
Kentucky Wonder Pole
Yard Long
Cowpeas ~ 
Texas Cream 40
Limas ~ 
King of the Garden Pole
Squash ~ 
Winter ~ 
Vegetable Spaghetti
Early Butternut
Cream of the Crop Acorn
Musquee de Provence
Long Island Cheese
Baby Blue Hubbard
Summer ~ 
Vegetable Marrow
Golden Zucchini
Black Zucchini
Ronde de Nice
Okra ~ 
Annie Oakley
Melons ~ 
Blacktail Mountain Watermelon
Minnesota Midget Cataloupe
Cucumbers ~ 
Peppers ~ 
Mulato Isleno
Giant Marconi
Tomatoes ~ 
Garden Peach
Mortgage Lifter
Matt's WildCherry
Arkansas Traveler
Red Pear
Principe Borghese
Yellow Pear
Pruden's Purple

I'll post a link here once I get all this on my map.
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