Saturday, April 14, 2012

April Garden Update (AKA Brag Thread)

Man, have things grown!  The tomatoes are going crazy, the artichokes are producing, and I've been picking strawberries for a week now so they're just starting to hit their stride.  The peppers are growing taller every day, the onions are bulbing up and the potatoes have bloomed so it shouldn't be long now 'til I get to dig them.  The garlic is still looking good, no brown leaves yet.  I even today got a few snow peas.  I'd really thought those were just too late. 

I planted yard long beans and spaghetti squash last week and they're sprouting.  I also set out the Aunt Molly's ground cherries and pineapple tomatillo plants I started from seed. 

But the best part is I HAVE GREEN TOMATOES!!!  TONS of them.  I should make a list of which ones are producing first.  The Celebrity has two on it, but it's certainly not the first one to set.  I think I'll take a notepad out there next Thursday and write down which have tomatoes on them now, then do that again when I start picking.

And now for the pictures...

Garlic in front, artichokes in back.

Strawberries with yard long bean sprouts.

Asparagus with leeks in front.

Trellis for yard long beans.

Onions bulbing up.

The whole family, from top: BJ, Mickey, Nellie and Squint.

And now, for the serious brag portion of this thread: TOMATOES!!

Planted middle of Feb.: viewed from the south, facing north.

A sea of tomatoes. Pic taken facing south.

Overwintered Black Giant with new green fruit.


I better get the salt shaker ready.
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