Thursday, October 8, 2009

Planted lots of things including peas

Garlic is up!! A few of them are peeking their little heads through the soil, about a dozen or two dozen.

Planted inoculated Mammoth Melting (one package), Oregon Sugar Pod (two packages) and Oregon Giant (five or six packages), two rows each, one at the front of the pea fence and one behind.

Also planted a dozen plants each of Snowball Cauliflower, Packman Broccoli and Long Island Brussels Sprouts.

Tucked them all in with some turkey compost. Now if the weathermen are right about that 100% chance of showers tonight and I do get rain...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Planted some lettuce

Set out six plants of Merlot lettuce (it's gorgeous!), one plant of Buttercrunch (four inches tall already) and some more I need to enter names for tomorrow.

Got garlic and shallots planted

I got the garden tilled Friday, then planted some shallots. Saturday I got the garlic in the ground, the Texas White I got at work. It was weird though ~ Even though it was supposed to be the same type, there were some bulbs that were white and some that had a pink/purple blush on the cloves. I separated them in the dish and you can see in the picture what I mean. There was only one bulb that was a kind of hybrid between the two ~ cloves around the outside had a very light purple blush and the ones in the middle didn't.

I was tired after the plant sale at the library and didn't want to do it, but I'm so glad I did. Rain was coming and we got it in spades early this morning. I knew if I didn't get it in the ground now I wouldn't be able to for a week or so due to rain, so I just went out there and did it. It was a bit muddy from the rain we got earlier that day, but not too bad. And I'm washable. ;)

Now that it's done, I'm really glad it's in the ground. I need to get some turkey compost to top it with. And pine needle mulch for the walkways in the entire garden. It'll be so nice to work out there then.
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