Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rain, rain, glorious rain!

Last week we got about four inches of rain!  YEEEAH!  It rained all week, starting on Tuesday when temps dropped to the forties.  I had to work out in it unloading trucks, but I did it.  Nobody at work that day was very happy about it, but we got through it.  Sharon sent Neil to Academy to get some rain slickers for us and that helped tremendously.  Wednesday was a repeat of Tuesday, 

but not quite so much rain.  Thursday was a lot better, too ~ warmer temps.  But it dropped back down again Friday and brought more rain with it, but I was home so could enjoy watching it out my window.  We got so much rain that they lifted the burn ban for a few days so I called my buddy Brad and asked if he wanted to come play pyro.  We got a bit of things burned, but not everything by any means.  There's another chance for rain this weekend.  Hope it comes with enough moisture to lift the ban for longer.

This week, temps are up in the low 80s during the day.  This warmth is making the grass just jump up out of the ground!  The pastures are greening up, so all the animals are out there, nose down, eating like crazy.  

Speaking of animals, check out the two new ones at Bob and Bettie's place.  They're the first new calves from Tuffy.  Looks like they got color this time!  Too cute.  I'm so happy they've come out so loud.  I don't know if they're heifers or bull calves yet.  I'll be missing out on spring calves this year, so I need a calf fix.  I think I'll drive down to see them.  

In the garden, things are popping.  Something ate all my cilantro!  I thought it was caterpillars at first, then thought maybe my guineas.  So I kept the guineas locked up the next day to see, but whatever it was kept eating ~ finished off the rest of the leaves and stems.  So I'm back to thinking caterpillars.  I bought some BT, and will use it before I lose anything else.  I'm thinking that's what was getting my coles last fall.

All three of my brugs left outside in pots all winter have sprouted.  Way cool!  I'll be able to move the rest of them out of the greenhouse soon, along with all the other tropicals.  Then I'll have plenty of room for all the tomatoes, peppers and things.  I'll be potting up like a madwoman to be ready for the plant sale.  I hope to have the gooseneck trailer full.  I talked to Bettie and Carol about that and they're going to set me up with my own cash box at the garage sale to make it easier to keep that money separate.  Fence and solarizing plastic for the Library Pea Patch here we come!

Speaking of that, at the board meeting last Saturday I gave a presentation on the Library veggie garden.  I wasn't planning on anything happening other than just letting them know what we had planned, but they heartily accepted the idea, passed a motion for us to move on with it and Jim even said if we ended up needing some money they'd give us some!  Woohoo!  It's ON!  

I'm still talking to Jane's friend Sandy about getting her friend who owns a fence company to donate a lot of materials and maybe some labor, too.  Dewey offered to hire some guys to build it, but we butted heads on how to build it, so I don't know what'll happen there.  Hopefully I'll get all the materials rounded up and can still use his guys ~ he'll just be writing the paycheck after all, so what does it matter what I tell them to do, kwim?  Brad offered to help, too, and I imagine I'll have more people volunteer, so I'll get it done the way I want to do it in the end.  

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