Monday, March 9, 2009

Library Pea Patch Plan

Edit: The link I used to show the plan appears to change as I make changes at the site, so what you see below isn't what it was when I originally posted it. If you'd like, you can go to the Pea Patch blog and see the updated plan.
Here's a proposed plan for the Library Pea Patch. It takes a bit to load, but not long. Once there, you can fiddle around with the design (but can't save your changes).

It's not complete, but does show the majority of the garden. In between the greenhouse/potting area and the beds will be a patio/gathering area with something else on either side of it. Not sure how to use up the extra space ~ more beds? A knot garden of herbs? Any other ideas? (Both links will update themselves automatically as I work on the plan, so if you come to this posting late, the "classroom" area will likely be filled in already. But please still post comments on ideas and suggestions for it if you have them.)

Here it is posted directly. Drag the windows over until you can close them, then you can drag the garden itself around to see it all.

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