Sunday, March 1, 2009

Another new egg and more new sprouts

What a cute little thing!  Found it in one of the nests today as I was putting up the chickens.  I got all the guineas in.  They'd been roosting outside in Grandma Wall's catalpa tree instead of going in the coop.  Today, as I was walking around looking at the garden, I noticed they were following me around.  That gave me an idea ... so tonight, I played Pied Piper to their Children of Hamelin.  Instead of a flute, I had a bag of bird seed.  Worked like a charm.

On the seedling front, aren't these as cute or cuter than that little egg?  Beefsteak hybrid seedlings.  They're sitting on the table with the Taxi seedlings, the amaranth seedlings, the Brandywine seedlings, the Yellow Pear seedlings, the Principe Borghese seedlings, and what I think are basil seedlings.  There are also some Early Jalapeno seedlings in the same flat as what I think are the basil seedlings.  Those two are in the flat I floated (with the Pasilla Bajio seeds).  Atleast all isn't lost from it. :)  Serranos are up, too ~ been up for a few days, but I forgot to write about it.  

Amaranth seedlings, Illumination

A pretty in the greenhouse, Billbergia nutans

And the onions, watched over by Nellie and the guinea that never seems to keep up with the others.  Today, while leading all the others in, he got stuck behind the fence I'd just led him and his five brethren and sistren around.  Yeah.  I dunno either.  I think I'll call him Dimwit.

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