Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tomatoes! Finally!

Picked the tomatoes today.  I've been getting some for a couple weeks now, 
but they're really coming hot and heavy now.

Today's harvest.
Alltogether now.

Those long, striped ones below are Cream Sausage.  There are also Mortgage Lifter (the fluted ones), Cherokee Purple peeking out behind the Mortgage Lifter, Valencia Orange on the top left, 
Plum Paste (those little, olive shaped, purpley ones), Stupice (little red ones),
and Large Red Cherry (littler red ones).

The striped ones in this bowl are Green Zebra.  Then there are White Cherry and
Black Cherry, and more Valencia Orange, Plum Paste, Large Red Cherry, and Stupice.
Somewhere underneath are a bunch of Sungolds, but the White Cherry is kicking the 
Sungolds' butt this year for production!  

Those little ones over on the right are Peacevine Cherry in a bed of Romas. 

I'm making pasta sauce tomorrow! Woot!

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