Saturday, December 5, 2009

14 Degrees of Separation

It was fourteen degrees when I woke up this morning, 7am. Now that's cold! But it makes for some pretty pictures. The sparkly frost on the cabbage and kale makes them all the more colorful.

I'm still miffed over the snow peas not getting to revel in their namesake.

BJ's just happy to be outside with me, poking around in the garden. She was so happy with the cold, along with all the other animals.

But fourteen degrees will change a lot. It separates the survivors from the tenderlings.

Goodbye, wandering jew.

Goodbye, crinums.

Goodbye, bananas.

Goodbye, habaneros. I'm never really sure why I planted you in the first place. Bragging rights?

See you all again next spring (with the possible exception of the habaneros).

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