Sunday, March 8, 2009

Those lovely brugs

The brugs have sprouted! The brugs have sprouted!  Two of the three I left outside in their pots last year are sprouting new leaves from the bases.  I dug around the base of the third one and saw green down there, too!  Now that I've learned that brugs are root-hardy to my zone, the world is my oyster. No longer do I need to make sure there's room in the greenhouse for all the 20+ gallon pots.  No more do I have to restrict myself to just a few because of lack of room.  Now I can plant them in the ground, knowing that they'll come back.  I'm on cloud nine!  

Pink SuaveolensFrosty PinkPink FavoriteDr. SeussCharles GrimaldiJean PaskoShredded White and Variegata.  That's the list of the ones I have so far.  Emphasis on the "so far" since now I can have as many as I have flowerbeds for.  Considering there's over sixty acres here, I'd say my collection will be growing.  I've been eyeing Wretched Mess (among others from that website).  Triple blooms!  That hang in a sort of chain!  I have to quit using so many exclamation points!

So here's the plan ~ I'll amend the beds I already have and build a few more around where the large horse trough pond is now, then plant them out, all seven of them.  I'll replace the large round trough pond with the smaller oblong one to have some sort of water feature there, which will be nice. I'll build beds in that corner and put the brugs there, atleast three and maybe four of them.  I think some of the dwarf cavendish bananas would look good in front of them, and some of the Queen ferns I have in front of those.  I also found out that my Split Leaf Philo is hardy, as is the big colocasia, both left out in pots and sprouting now.  I may try to fit those in that corner as well, probably closer to the cabin in the shade.  I'll have a little tropical garden there, complete with pond and birdbath (atop the 3' electric pole that's still there).  

This fall, before the first frost, I'll cut the brugs down to the ground, making cuttings to start in the greenhouse from the tops.  I'll have a gajillion next year to sell.  I'll probably start a few cuttings in pots earlier in the season so I'll have a blooming-sized one in time for the first plant sale.  If I haul an actual blooming brugmansia to the sale, even eight inch rooted cuttings in a quart pot would sell like hotcakes for twenty bucks.  Money trees ~ there really is such a thing!  Imagine the money I could make to fund the library veggie garden just from brugs.

Man, I'm so excited.

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