Monday, February 23, 2009

More seed starting

Started a LOT more seeds today.  Here's the list:
Joe Pye Weed
Amaranthus 'Illumination'
Amaranthus 'Splendens Perfecta', aka Summer Poinsettia
And a LOT of tomatoes:
Heirlooms and open pollinateds
Prudens Purple ~ 72 days
Roma ~ 78 days, determinate
Taxi ~ 64 days
Coustralee ~ 85 days, BIG fruit (up to 3 lbs.)
Brandywine ~ 80 days
Yellow Pear ~ 80 days
Mortgage Lifter ~ 77 days
Principe Borghese ~ 78 days, determinate
Beefmaster ~ 80 days
Better Boy ~ 82 days
Early Girl ~ 60 days
Celebrity ~ 78 days, determinate
Sweet Million ~ 73 days

My plan for all those tomatoes are to sell as many as I can at the Pea Patch Plant Sale and plant the rest somewhere out here.  My goals for this year are to learn about timing the seed starting so I'm better at it next year, make sure I have room to grow on the transplants 'til they're big enough to sell (in four inch pots most likely), sell tomatoes at an honor stand at the front gate, and save seeds from the OPs for replanting next year.  

Along the lines of seed saving, I'll also be buying a few plants ~ Matt's Wild Cherry for one, just in case I can't get any of the Texas Wild to sprout (and even if I can ~ I want to compare the two).  I also want the "original" Brandywine 'Sudduth's Strain' if I can find a plant of it to compare to the Brandywine I have now (eventually, I'd like to trial all of the Brandywines).  I'll be keeping an eye out for other heirlooms at work and will pick up the interesting ones to trial and save seed from.  I'd better get to making those blossom bags if I get many currants and potato leafed vars.

I took Kim Rae one of each of the Bilbergia I have and they caused a little stir.  Joanie wants one, as does Carol, so I've got theirs potted up and sitting in the sink, waiting to be taken with me tomorrow.  I'm so glad to share them ~ it's fun.  Mostly I'm just glad to know, finally, what the hell they are! *giggle~snort*

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