Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Started some cuttings today

President Barack Obama!!!!!!!!  God, it feels good to say that.  I've been sitting here all day watching the festivities, awestruck by thoughts of comparing our celebratory change of power to some other countries', feeling so incredibly lucky to live here, and hoping that President Obama will make the world a better place so everyone worldwide will be as lucky as me.  

I did take a break to start some rosemary cuttings, 144 of them.  It's the standard variety from the bush to the east of my double gate next to the peace sign.

I also took some pictures of the things I started last week.

Cuttings ~ golden sage, thyme, silver artemesia (the one from the library, north bed), prostrate rosemary and oregano.

Seeds ~ In the black plug trays are Beefsteak tomatoes (American Seed, packed for '08), Texas Wild Tomatoes (my own saved seed from years ago, maybe five or more years ago), California Wonder Bell Pepper (American Seed, packed for 2000) and Fox Cherry Tomato (Seeds of Change, packed for 2004).  They're not sprouted yet ~ the green things are rosemary leaves from the cuttings I did.

In the pots to the right are two pots of chives, one pot of garlic chives and one pot of old pansy seeds. 

I'm experimenting with starting old seed in an effort to get my seed boxes cleaned out.  I just can't bear to simply throw out old seeds.  Wish I could since I have a LOT of them.

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