Saturday, March 3, 2012

Pictures from the Garden

Artichokes and new garden area behind.  We'll intensively cover crop the green expanse on the other side of the fence this year and plant tomatoes and such next spring.  I measured it today: 5400 square feet of plantable area.  Ooof.  We're going to be busy.

Elephant garlic amidst spinach and cilantro.  Jerusalem artichokes are planted at the far end of this row
and should pop up soon.

Garlic in foreground, artichokes in back, future new garden area on the other side of the fence.

Mama Love sunning herself on the mulch I laid down a couple days ago.

Pansies, onion chives, and Heritage Raspberries in foreground.

La Ratte potatoes popping up.

Red la Soda potatoes sprouting next to a snapdragon.

Shallots growing next to the old chicken coop.  We'll be tearing that down soon
and tilling this entire area for more wide-row beds.

My new sitting spot with parsley going to town and gladiolas to their right.

Tomatoes planted and tucked in for the cool nights.

The colored Swiss Chard was gorgeous this year.  Even the Fordhook Giant on the right was beautiful.

Another shot of the tomatoes with the Christmas lights peeking through.

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