Friday, March 2, 2012

Got the tomatoes planted

I planted 32 tomatoes today.  Here's the list:

Canners/Paste tomatoes ~ in two beds
San Marzano (5 plants)
Cour di Bue
Amish Paste
And I'll plant four Romas this coming week in a separate bed

Drying tomatoes ~ all in one bed
Red Fig (3)
Principe Borghese (5)

Hybrid Challenge Bed ~ trying to find that tomato that is as good as or better than Celebrity and Early Girl
Early Girl
Super Fantastic
Red Brandywine
Trucker's Favorite
Arkansas Traveler

Other heirlooms ~ the red and pink ones will are also in the hybrid challenge
Snow White
Black Cherry
Dinner Plate
Paul Robeson
Henderson's Pink Ponderosa
Golden Jubilee
Mortgage Lifter

Plants planted two weeks ago
I already had eight plants planted two weeks ago and they're already over a foot tall.  They are:
The Black Giant from last year
A mystery potato leaf that I suspect is Brandywine
Black Krim
Hillbilly Potato Leaf
Cherokee Purple
Brandywine Black
Japanese Black Triefele
Ukrainian Purple
Isis Candy Cherry

I also planted some Tronchuda Beira (aka Portuguese Kale) and more Georgia Southern collards today, in the first row with the Red Russian Kale and Swiss Chard.  They're kind of a test ~ it might be too hot for them soon, if not already.  We'll see.

Yesterday, to get ready for today, I pulled out the bok choy and Georgia Southern collards because they were bolting.  I processed the boy choy and froze it, and will do the collards later.  I moved the three Flash collard plants over to the row with the Swiss Chard, along with a pretty rocket snapdragon plant.  I hope it blooms soon ~ it looked like it was going to, and I hope the transplanting doesn't set it back.  I also pulled out the purple sprouting broccoli, brussels sprouts and a couple other things that were in the way.  I then turned in an inch or two of compost along with some minerals plus and flower power, raked it smooth, set out cages, counted them up and realized I have room for fifty tomatoes and 24 to 27 peppers (depending on whether eight or nine can fit in each row)! Yay!

And because I'm a nerd, here's the garden map:

It updates as I change it in Google Documents, so it'll probably be different by the time you see this.

Some other happenings in the garden:

Asparagus is up!

The overwintered Black Giant is blooming and setting fruit.

While turning the compost into the beds, I kept finding TONS of MONSTROUS earthworms!

Ever wonder why brambles are so hard to get rid of?  When we got the bare root in at work, I noticed some little sprouts on some of the roots.  Between the roots that fell off and the ones we trimmed off to make them fit in the buckets, I had quite the piles to take home.  I planted them in pots and, lo and behold, I now have two baby bramble patches.  Looks like I'll be having to pick out a spot to plant the patches soon.  I'd better choose wisely, since once they're there, they're there.

Heritage Raspberries, with a self-sown snapdragon

Brazos Blackberries, in an old ammo box

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