Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Pine Tree Blew Up in the Garden

I just finished mulching using pine straw. Man, what a chore! Mostly because I had to weed before I put it down. But now that it’s (almost) done, I feel SO much better! I’ve got the water running right now to soak everything down and I’ll bet I won’t have to water again for a week now. I was almost up to twice a week before this. Some things needed it twice and the rest were looking like they would like that as well.

I ran out of pine straw before I could completely finish, but there’s only a couple rows that didn’t get covered completely.  Some beans and the first row of tomatoes ~ I need to pull the rest of the onions before I do that one. Hopefully, I’ll get more mulch soon and get the whole thing done next week.

Man, I'm proud of myself!  Looking forward to not having to weed and water as much.

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