Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow day ~ NOT!

I got screwed!!! Screwed, I tell you!!! Here I was, all ready and settled in for a snow day ~ freezer full (it usually is), dip bucket ready by the well (in case the pipes froze), garden covered (and how), chickens tucked in (I fluffed up an entire bale of hale in there for them to burrow in), one in the soup pot boiling on the stove (not one of the ones in the pic, I swear), buffet in the barn for the horses (spent a few hours on that and the chickens day before yesterday), camera batteries charged (fully) and a six pack of Beck's in the fridge. All ready. And ... and ... and ... NOTHING! I'm not real happy with my local weathermen and women right now ~ am sitting here putting the six pack to good use, plotting their comeuppance...
They let my snow get away and go to Houston!!!

See? No snow here:

And no snow here:

And none here, either:

I don't think the chickens mind that there's none here:

Though there was a little bit in there at one point:

Oh, well. Even without the snow, it's still beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Please pardon the shakiness of that last picture. I was putting that six pack to good use, remember?

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