Friday, January 23, 2009

My dream job!

Started my dream job yesterday, working for John Dromgoole at the Natural Gardener in Austin.  It was really just five hours of orientation, but I loved it.  They take their time explaining all the ins and outs of the job ~ what they expect of us, what we'll get out of the job (above and beyond a paycheck), their philosophy (John gave a long talk about why he started TNG and why he does what he does ~ I like knowing that), etc.  And they start everyone off with four days of training.

I should start regular work in the beginning of February.  I'm really looking forward to it in no small part because I'll get to spend more time with Lesley driving to and from work.  She's such a kind soul, loving and giving and humble as well (almost to a fault on that one).  Rick is a jewel, too ~ same kind soul and fun spirit.  I got to see Lesley a few times yesterday in passing, and she rode home with me so we were able to visit a good bit.  Nice side bennie of this job.  We've known each other for about 18 years, but things have always gotten in the way of us spending more time together.  I hope we can now.

My Pinetree order came in yesterday, too.  LOADS of seeds ~ WOOHOO!  The tuber/corm/root things will ship later in spring, but I don't mind ~ I'll have my hands full starting all these seeds, so will be plenty busy 'til then.  

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