Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pretty Little Bee

Saw a pretty little bee from the Bee Tree across the pasture.
They're a feral colony in a hollow tree along the creek east of the garden.
They've been in there a few years now.
Pooh would be pleased.

I like to let some brassicas go to bloom for them in spring.
I like having the company when I garden.


Look at the pollen baskets on her legs.  They're full.
She must have been at it for a while before I saw her.

Look at all that pollen.
I wouldn't be surprised if they swarmed soon.
Or have already.

Bees are fascinating to watch.
Thirty, forty, sixty thousand individuals that make one organism.
Working together for the good of all.

Daddy used to keep them.  I want to again.
 So I've been reading a lot lately.
And just might go ahead and order some soon.
Maybe collect some from the Bee Tree.

Wish me luck.

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