Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring! It's Spring in the garden!

Took some pictures of the garden the other day...

 The onions Michael Ford planted look great.  The collards are starting to bloom.  I think I'll let them so the bees will have something to forage.  Did I tell y'all I have a bee hive in a hollow tree about three hundred yards to the east?  Yup.  Just like in the Hundred Acre Wood.

The Walking Onions are bunching.  These are cool little onions.  They make little bulbs at the top of a flower stalk, almost in place of a bloom.  When the stalk dies, it falls over next to the plant and the onions grow again, then flower, then replant themselves even farther over.  Too cool. 

 More onions.  These are McCoy's Special CTexas Bunching Onions.  This patch started from four little four-inch pots a couple years ago.  I just kept dividing them and setting them about six inches apart.  Now this, despite me giving lots away.

 The potatoes are popping their little heads up, too.

Mmmmmmm ... dinner!  
What's Nellie doing back there?  Hunting wabbits?

 "Nothing!  I'm doing nothing!"
That's what Old Dogs do best.

 A sign of spring.  Can you see them?  What a wonderful sound they make.

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