Monday, February 9, 2009

I got good news and bad news

Bad news first: While bottom watering a flat of newly planted Pasilla Bajio and Early Jalapeno peppers, I let the water get deeper than the flat was tall.  Yep ~ the seeds just floated right out of the flat.  If any are still in there and they sprout, I won't know which is which.  Bummer.  But if any do sprout, I'll just plant them in my own garden or the market garden.  I may sow some tomato seeds on top of them since it'd be easy to tell toms from peppers.  I'd also planted some old basil seeds in the end leftover after I'd run out of pepper seeds.  Maybe some of those will sprout.

Good news: We got rain!!!  Not much, but atleast it was some.  Hopefully that's a nice precursor to spring gully washing, frog strangling turd floaters.  

I also got some other things sown.  Welsh onions in their own pot, old purple basil seeds (had a question mark on the ziploc they were in, so not sure that's what they are ~ but they look like basil seeds) also in their own pot, and a flat containing serranos and purple cayennes.  

More good news: The Jerusalem Artichokes from the kind trader on the Gardenweb came in today!  Half a dozen healthy tubers that are sprouting roots already.  Cool!  Awful nice of someone to do that for sase. 

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